The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2

Game description
The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2

The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2 is an amazing action game which you can play online free. You mission in this game is to collect the fruits which will be shown on the screen in every level of the game. Coconuts will be thrown from the both sides of the screen, and you will have to avoid them while collecting the fruits. You can press “S” to open the shop and can buy new skins by using the fruits you have gathered already. When you buy ten new skins you will be enabled to use new features of the character. Skins are power up for you. You can pause the game by using the Keyboard “P” key. When you are done playing you can submit your score to the leaderboard, and also you can challenge your friends to break your record. Play Gon and Mon game also which is based on monkey character.

To Move – LEFT’/RIGHT Arrow

To Jump – UP’/’SPACE

To Shop – ‘S’

To Pause –  ‘P’

For Menute – ‘M’