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Crazy Taxi

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Play Crazy Taxi game at Cool Math Math Games, which is a very famous driving game for car game lovers. In this game, you will show your driving skills while passing the city traffic. This game got its name from a very old arcade game which was offered in 1999. Players take the charge of a taxi driver in that game. Player’s duty is to take the passengers from different places and drop them to their destination getting there as fast as possible. If they do some stunts and bring the passengers before the time they can also get some tips as well. After this game became viral on the internet, developers designed console versions of this game too.

Millions of copies of this game sold and later “Crazy Taxi 2” and “Crazy Taxi 3” were developed as well. In new games, there were new locations and new features. This game is the most simple version of that original game. This is for little kids, they can understand it due to its simplicity. Driving game Uphill Rush is also a very famous game.

How to Play Crazy Taxi at coolmath games

Rules of this game are simple so even little kids play this game. In this game, you will play the role of a driver as a game player. Control the Taxi and drive it through the huge traffic of cars. You will use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to control the movement of Taxi. Left-right arrows are to control the direction and up down arrows are to control the speed. And if the Taxi is stuck behind the long lane of cars you can use Spacebar to Jump and cross the next car. You will get very short time and your mission is to cover the required distance before the time ends. If your vehicle bumps into cars it will slow down the speed. Timing matters a lot while jumping if you will jump well timed, the taxi will cross the next car. Otherwise, it will bump into it.