Cool Math Games Bloxorz

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Cool Math Games Bloxorz

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Play cool math Bloxorz game free online which is a brain-teasing puzzle online. You can enjoy amazing 33 levels of this game. Your aim is to bring the block wisely and fall it into the square hole. In several levels, you will see two types of  switches heavy and soft. Heavy switches will be shaped X and soft switches octagon ones. These switches will work to open the Bridges. When you will bring the block on the switch it will open a bridge. Once a bridge made you can leave the switch because it will not close the bridge. You can press soft switches by taking any part of the block on it. But to activate and press Hard switches (X-shaped) your block must be standing on its end.

Each switch will act differently. When you will press some switches they will make permanent bridges but some will make changes only, open to close and close to open. But you can know which bridges are being operated by looking at Red and Green squares which are indicating by flashing. Here you will see some Orange tiles as well. They are more fragile than another land. To get the way you can stand your block vertically on the orange tile.

At the end, there is 3rd type of switches you can see there shape as ( ). These type of switches will teleport your block to different places by dividing your block into 2 pieces of same blocks. You can control them and when they will meet up in next place they will mix up and become a normal block again.

Which block you want to use is your own choice. You can change small block by pressing spacebar any time. If you will choose small blocks to play they can activate soft switches but not enough big to activate Heavy switches.  And at the end, small blocks can’t fall into the exit hole. If you want to finish the stage you need to choose the complete block. Remember, if you want the passcode of each level, see the top right corner and keep the code in your mind. So, if you want to skip straight back to any stage later, no problem just go to “Load Stage” option in the main menu and enter 6 digit code which you have obtained.

How to Play Bloxorz

To learn how to play this game see instructions carefully before the game starts.

In this game to move the block, you can use left, right, up and down arrows on your keyboard. Your mission is to bring the Block to exit hole by moving it wisdomly. If you fail to do so, level will be restarted. For more games to go Cool Math Math Games.