Snail Bob 3 – in Egypt

Game description
Snail Bob 3 – in Egypt

Snail Bob 3 Game

Play Snail Bob 3 on Cool Math Math Games online which is a new puzzle game on This is the 3rd game of Snail games series. First two games of this series are easy but this one is little tough. In this game Bob the Snail is in ancient Egypt which is not a suitable place for him. The imaginary story of this game is the Snail’s granfather sent him accidently to the peramides of Egypt. Bob Snail wants to go back his home. Now as a player help him to go back to home through the magnificent world of pyramids of Egypt. Use different tools and press various buttons to help him, so he could find his way.

While playing this game you need to race against the time. Because time maters a lot to get high score. As the time increase score counter will decrease. So reach the exit tunnel as soon as possible. If you are stuck in any level or Snail is caught by the evil creature, you can restart the level. But to break the high score record you need to play the whole game again. 1st level is unlocked and you can unlock all other levels by playing. Each level contains different puzzle and different difficulties. Now its up to your wisdom how you play and solve all the cool puzzles. You can also try playing Snail Bob 2 if you are new to Bob’s games.

How to Play Snail Bob 3 game

Controls are same if you have played the first 2 parts of this game. But if you are new see in game instructions carefully. You can use your mouse to use the tools and press the buttons. You can click on the Bob to stop him at any stage. Play all the amazing levels of this game and try to get the higher score.